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Are you Hungry? (In other words, you belong here if:)

  • You’ve left your cushy day job to leap into entrepreneurship (hurray!) but you’re flat ass broke (boo!).
  • You strive to be a trailblazing, world-dominating, rich/happy/hot, TED speaking super-human entrepreneurial rock star in your own right…but you also gotta pay the friggin’ rent. (If you are one, we love you. Can we chat?)
  • You’re living the dream, and yet friends and family think you’re nuts for working so hard and earning so little.
  • You’ve discovered your voice. You know your value. You’re ready to rock – but can’t seem to find your footing (or enough clients).
  • You play nice with others, understanding that entrepreneurship and collaboration aren’t mutually exclusive.

If this sounds like you, congratulations. You’re one of us – and we welcome you with open arms.

Hungry Entrepreneurs was born during the unusually balmy Spring of 2012 to proud mommies Jennie Mustafa-Julock (who is still hanging onto part-time BS work) and Annie Passanisi (who routinely “forgets” to pay her gas bill). Rapidly approaching neurosis, they dreamed of a place where people in this thrilling/terrifying boat could come together to kick some entrepreneurial ass.

And you’re looking at it right flippin’ now.

Why should you join Hungry Entrepreneurs?

We recently polled our tribe for their answers to this question and here’s what they shared…

A long story short:

  • Membership is cheap but packs an enormous wallop of value. ENORMOUS.
  • We have some of the raddest and most valuable member features and perks imaginable.
  • Entrepreneurism sucks when you do it in a vacuum.

A short story long:

  1. You deserve a tenacious, talented and, quite frankly, hilarious network of other entrepreneurs to cheer you on and share their brains with you

  2. Most members manage to build relationships, barter for help, or generate partnerships within the first few weeks of joining

  3. Our membership is so freakin’ diverse that you’re bound to buddy up to an expert in any arena you need some help with

  4. Our Social Center (a private Facebook group) is one of the most enthusiastic, responsive and active groups we’ve ever seen

  5. Pitch your brilliantsauce ideas and get honest, constructive, and totally encouraging feedback

  6. Get the opportunity to GIVE advice, PROVIDE support, and HELP others – because it feels just as good to give to this group as it does to receive

  7. Bigger network = bigger possibilities :: for your business and your brain

  8. Be around people who “get it” – who don’t look at you with a confused or suspicion when you talk about working from home in your pajamas

  9. Beta test your new products and services or conduct dry-runs with folks you know have been there and done that

  10. Our members share a LOT of love and respect – bad day, great day, confused day – every day you know you can rely on Hungries to give a shit and give you love

Bottom line. In our world:

  • You’ll form powerful connections some of the most ambitious, most engaging, most inspiring young entrepreneurs on the planet, online and in-person wherever possible.
  • You’ll get loads of wisdom from some of today’s most awesomesauce entrepreneurs in our Two Girls | One Tip Tuesdays webcast, curated by two crazy broads who are just like you.
  • You’ll learn to master skills important to solopreneurs and freelancers everywhere – from WordPress tricks to tax preparation, video production to ebook marketing, from bonafide experts, in our monthly exclusive webinars.
  • You’ll create opportunities to barter and/or test-drive your services with other Hungries, helping grow your business by trading your time and talents (instead of your hard-earned cash).
  • You’ll find eager collaboration partners for your projects and programs, shoulders to cry on, and ample electronic high fives.
  • You’ll participate in a bevvy of exclusive events both virtual and actual.

And you’ll never pay a penny to be in Hungry Entrepreneurs.


Sound like a swell time? Sweet! Let’s do this! Sign up by clicking here.


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