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The current model of entrepreneurial education is flawed! Tired of spending a fortune on one expert's opinion? So are we. Our Entrepreneurship Sucks eBooks and Things You Should Know webinars mine the brains of dozens of experts and are absolutely free for members.


Ready to blast forward on the entrepreneurial learning curve? Even the most seasoned professionals could use a hand! Our network has fostered hundreds of collaborations from peer support opportunities, bartered services, mastermind coaching and multi-author info products.


Ain't No Shame! Our tribe provides ample opportunities for non-sleazy self-promotion. Not only do we give you a platform from which to shout your greatness, we also provide an eager network willing to test, buy and brag about your products and services.


Entrepreneurship is hard. Solopreneurship is damn near impossible. You need not go this road alone. Alone, we starve. Together, we feast.

I can't tell you how much I have gotten out of joining the Hungries... from collaborations to provided services to people to serve – it's an amazing space and a great group of professionals." - Brandy Morris, Possibility Scout & Personal Hype Girl
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